Welcome to NWISA Journal of Sociology : A Peer Reviewed & Refereed Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Published by NWISA.
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Chief Editor

The e-journal ‘NWISA Journal of Sociology’ – A Peer Reviewed & Refereed Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences has been able to generate dialogue and interest among research fraternity since its first publication. It publishes quality research articles and follows blind peer review process.

North West Indian Sociological Association is dedicated to the development of Sociology as a subject and promoting awarness among students, professors and researchers in North West. The e-journal ‘NWISA Journal’ (ejournal.nwisa.co.in) is an endeavour in this direction. Being a Peer Reviewd & Refreed Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, it welcomes research contributions from all the contributors. NWISA is thankful to Chandigarh Administration for continuing support to this academic venture.

I am thankful to Advisory Board, Editorial Board and contributors for their support in bringing out this coveted e-journal.


NWISA welcomes original articles for the NWISA Journal of Sociology. Articles should not exceed 5000 words. APA style of refrencing should be used. The main part of the article should not contain the name of the author. This is to ensure confidentiality during peer review process. The articles will be published after the recommendations of the referees.

Ethical Policy

The NWISA Journal of Sociology follows strict review process. The research articles are sent to reputed academicians for review. Only original and unpublished work is allowed to be published. The NWISA has right to remove any article on receipt of any complaint and is found to have followed any unethical practice, plegarised etc.

Publication Policy

The NWISA Journal of Sociology tries to encourage the writers to contribute papers related to issues of social relevance. However, the articles which are sent with the undertaking that they are unpublished earlier and the author is fully responsible for the legal issues related to plagiarism etc are allowed to be published.