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The NWISA promotes the study of sociology and sociological problems in the states of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir and the Union Territory of Chandiagrh. The aim of the association is to promote interaction and exchange of ideas among the scholars carrying out sociological studies in the states and the Union Territory specified above.

From President's Desk
Dear colleagues,

North-West Indian Sociological Association (NWISA) has completed about a quarter of century and is actively working for achieving the desired goals since its inception. All the members and various functionaries who remained on different positions from time to time have contributed in one way or the other for smooth functioning of this association. The present team of functionaries of NWISA for 2022-2024 including of myself as President, Dr. Manoj Kumar as general secretary, Dr. Anupam Bahri as treasurer and 10 executive members representing all the defined states have taken the charge on 17.4.2022. New team of NWISA expresses its gratitude to the previous team for their good work and contribution. The newly elected team is also thankful to the election officer, a noted historian Dr. M Rajiv Lochan, from PU, Chandigarh, for conducting the smooth elections of the association.

The North-west region of the Indian society bears some unique characteristics and has some area specific issues to be addressed. Though Jammu & Kashmir , Himachal Pradesh and union territory of Chandigarh are well known across the world for their natural scenic beauty but the issues of unemployment of various types and in various forms, environmental degradation and other socio-economic problems are quite severe in these states besides the terrorism imbroglio in J& K . The states of Punjab and Haryana which primarily are agriculture based societies and nucleus of green revolution in India are now suffering from numerous problems. Stagnation in production of main agricultural crops i.e wheat and rice, costly inputs, depleting ground water, soil degradation and other social and psychological problems have engulfed these, once shining, states. The state of Punjab is also battling with problems of farmers suicide and drug abuse. I hope that all of us would pay adequate attention to the above glaring problems besides the other sociological issues in the changing socio-economic scenario due to various factors.

With best wishes,

Dr. Sukhdev Singh
President, NWISA

From Secretary's Desk
Dear colleagues,

NWISA is a family of teachers, researchers and social activists who are dedicated to enrich sociology in North West India. The regional and discipline specific character of the organisation is in symbiotic relation with the interdisciplinary works done in social sciences at national and international level.

The social fabric in the region has specific historical and cultural context. It has certain unique features in terms of social, economic and political context. In addition the impact of the processes of globalisation and modernisation is obvious.

The various conferences organised by the Association have tried to provide a platform for the discussion on the issues related to the social dynamics, agrarian issues, the population transition, social change and challenges to social development in North West India.

I am sure that the galaxy of scholars and academicians joining the organisation will gain from formal and informal interactions with the members. As Secretary of this prestigious organisation, I will try my best to the match the high standards set by my predecessors.

With warm wishes and best regards.

Dr. Manoj Kumar
Secretary, NWISA